JABR Volume IX


The Behavioral Perspective of Board Governance: Exploring the Strategic Role in Qatar


Maryam Ibrahim Al-Mansoori, DBA


This study has expanded our insights into board governance in Qatar from the behavioral perspective by exploring the strategic task at times of changing complexity. By studying what happens outside and inside the boardroom, examining board member composition (knowledge diversity), competence (breadth and depth), ability to make, and shape, strategic decisions, as well as shape the context, conduct and content of strategy, we have further opened the “black box” in order to deep dive and analyze board behaviors and other controversial issues relating thereto. Mediation by use of skills and knowledge, criticality, and committees shows that the strategic involvement of the board of directors can be further enhanced. Through this research (Al-Mansoori, 2019) many observations were made that are general and at the same time may be specific to Qatar - fast economic development and global impact of digitalization that are soon going to have influence on the local practices.

The study proposed a new theoretical model for further enhancing board’s effectiveness in Qatar and highlighted opportunities for increasing the readiness of boards for the impact of digitalization.

The research was developed from surveys and interviews with individuals who were chairpersons, board directors and CEOs of organizations in Qatar.


Board governance, Behavioral perspective, Board directors, Qatar blockade, Strategic role