JABR Volume V


Comparative Study of Customer Preference with Respect to Two Fashion Brands H&M versus Forever 21


Anjali Singh, Ph.D. and Ms. Saachi Narang


It is important to understand consumer preferences as this understanding could help companies in shaping their product offering. This understanding gains even more importance when the product is a fashion brand where preferences can change rapidly and the product is highly personal. Given that India is a key market for several International brands, it is crucial to understand the consumer preferences in the Indian context. Towards this objective the present study aims to; find out the preference level of consumers with respect to the H&M and Forever 21 clothing brands in the Delhi/NCR(National Capital Region); to compare customer preference with respect to factors such as quality and price of products, availability and convenience of buying products, advertising, customer service, brand image, social media presence of products and social status attached to the products of the brand.

The study finds that the difference is significant with respect to factors such as price, advertisements and the convenience of buying, while there is no significant difference with respect to other factors. Price, brand image, social status attached to the products are factors that have been ranked higher in preference. PDF