JABR Volume V


Trust as a Personal Characteristic for Lebanese C-level Executives


Wael Zaraket, DBA


This paper examines the idea of trust as an individual trademark for Lebanese C-level executives in social communication at the organizational level; the connection is considerably more relevant when it deals with high managerial positions. Trust is an independently distinct build that is perceived by every individual at the personal and at the managerial level. Trust is an imperative leadership trait to gain employee fidelity and loyalty. This paper inspects the fidelity and loyalty of Lebanese C-level executives by concentrating on the views of middle and top managers. The objective of this paper is to determine whether Lebanese C-level managers are trusted by their middle and top managers. Quantitative analysis was utilized to identify the level of trust through the Machiavellianism scale. The paper finds that middle and top managers highly trust their C-level supervisors.