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ISSN: 2235-7750 (Online) & 2235-7742 (Printed) 

About the Journal

At SBS Swiss Business School we believe that managerial success in the 21st century will be related to the capacity to apply business knowledge into practice in a way that can be understood and shared by all the stakeholders of the organization. In order support this idea and contribute to excellence in management skills, SBS Swiss Business School has developed the SBS Journal of Applied Business Research (SBS-JABR). The Journal contributes to the creation of state of the art academic and professional knowledge under a fully international dimension. The journal is based on a peer to peer revision process according to the traditional academic practices.

Call for Papers

As a first priority the SBS Journal welcomes high quality papers originated at Universities and Colleges offering D.B.A. Programs, articles can be signed by Professors, lecturers, DBA students, executives, policy makers and administrators in private and public sector, strategists, management consultants and others interested in the field of first class management of postgraduate education.

The SBS Journal of Applied Business Research publishes original research works that deal with any of the specialties relating to the field of Business Management. The Editorial Board has the final responsibility in accepting works, subject to the reviews of two anonymous evaluators with knowledge and interest in the topics submitted to review. The Reviewers Committee is formed by professionals belonging to European, American, African and Asian Universities and B-Schools of well known prestige in their areas of knowledge.

Submission Guidelines

All originals should be sent to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Articles should be unpublished and should not be in process or be approved for publication by any other magazine or journal. The works submitted will be independently reviewed by anonymous evaluators. The reviews will be of blind nature in both senses (peer review double blind). The work will be gone through them in such a way that reviewers and authors won't know each other identity at the time of reviewing. For further information on editorial policies or the preparation of manuscripts, you should contact the Editor in Chief.

All work must abide by the following technical specifications:

Submission Guideliness

Publication Agreement