Editor in Chief

Dr. Erdal Atukeren
SBS Swiss Business School, Switzerland
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Editorial Board

Dr. Roman Borboa, Ph.D.
SBS Swiss Business School, Switzerland
Dr. Elena Kasimovskaya, Ph.D.
SBS Swiss Business School, Switzerland
Dr. John Lambert, D.B.A.
The University of Southern Mississippi, USA
Dr. Tatjana Volkova, Ph.D.
BA School of Business and Finance, Latvia
Dr. Y. Rajaram
Ramaiahah Institute of Sciences, India
Dr. Rod Oxenberry
Australian Institute of Business, Australia

At the SBS-JABR, peer review of submitted manuscripts is supervised by active professors and researchers in the field of Business Administration. They ensure the highest standard, timeliness, and relevance to the field of our published papers. As submission numbers in particular areas can fluctuate and new areas of Business Administration emerge, so too the composition of our Editorial Board adjusts.
We thank our Board members for their dedication and commitment. Their experience and passion for Business knowledge ensures that your paper is in the best possible hands during the review process.