JABR Volume VI


Do Demographic Characteristics of Individuals Associate with their Job Stress Levels? Perspectives from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.


Daisy Ofosuhene, Ph.D. and Rosemond Boohene, Ph.D.


This study aims to examine the association between individual demographic characteristics with their job stress levels. The study utilized descriptive research design and employed the quantitative approach. The target population comprised employees of the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Using the convenient sampling approach, 223 employees were selected for the study and data collection was done through a survey questionnaire. The Pearson Chi-Square test was used to test for the association between the study variables. The findings suggested that sex and marital status of respondents have significant association with their job stress levels. However, the study did not find any significant association between levels of job stress and respondents’ age and levels of education.