Theoretical Aspects of Applied Strategic After-Sales Service Analysis within Balanced Scorecard


Sergey Krylov


The paper treats the practical and theoretical aspects of the applied strategic analysis developed by the author and utilized by an organization in the process of its strategic after-sales service aspects research; the after-sales service score being based on the score of the same name of the balanced scorecard. The methodology of the research consists of the concept of the balanced scorecard by Kaplan and Norton and the concept of the applied strategic analysis developed by the author. The applied strategic after-sales service analysis is assumed to encompass comparative assessment, variances diagnostics and forecast of the balanced scorecard after-sales service score value within the organization’s strategic goals. The results can be applied for long-, middle- and short-term managerial decisions development in the field of the after-sales service organization activity. The conclusion is drawn that the applied strategic after-sales service analysis is a new and sufficiently effective tool to research strategic aspects of the organization after-sales service activity and to form an analytical support for the strategic after-sales service management in the present-day economic environment.


Applied strategic analysis, Balanced scorecard, After-sales service, Management, organization