Integrated Leadership and Management For Performance Increase


Grzegorz Sobiecki , DBA and Agnieszka Nizioł-Kapłucha


The aim of this research is to examine how the integrated model of leadership and management with tools influences the organization’s performance.

A longitudinal case study research method was used in the SKF factory in Poland over the period of 2014 – 2017.

The study confirmed the research hypothesis that the integrated model’s application increases performance at the delivery level. It reveals the relationships between the application of the integrated model and the level of safety at work, as well as between the application of the integrated model and effectiveness of working in a two-person team called a dyad, and between the application of the model and the level of the horizontal leadership practices in the everyday managing of the case study organization.

The study suggests that implementation of the integrated model supports transformation of the organization culture, securing the performance improvements at the delivery level.

The research contributes to the area of the applied business in introducing a new model of integrated leadership and management with tools, not explored by scholars yet.


Leadership, Management, Performance, Business case for leadership and management integration, Safety, Dyads, Horizontal leadership